Kodiak Ski Lake "Aspen", Colorado

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We are excited to announce Kodiak Ski School at Kodiak Ski Lake, less than 30 minutes from Aspen and Glenwood Hot Springs. Now offering ski sets in addition to our private ski slots. Sets can be reserved to waterski, wakeboard, surf, hydrofoil, tube, trick, etc --behind a 2020 MasterCraft Prostar or 2020 MasterCraft NXT22. Book 15 minutes, an hour, or a party. Driving, coaching, and equipment provided. Visit Kodiakskilake.com for availability and scheduling

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    More pictures if ya gotm! Is this lake development in conjunction with the city of El Jebel? Looks amazing with everything needed just across the street. Looks like the city is helping with trails and parking lot??

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    Shoot, I used to live on Sopris Mountain Ranch. Sure wish this was there then! I could have started water skiing years earlier
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    I was in that area last summer. God's country!

    It would be awesome to go back and be able to book ski sets followed by soaking in the mineral waters at Glenwood Hot Springs and finish the day with an IPA at the Glenwood Brewery. That would be a great day!
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    So now you can get a slalom set in the morning, bash bumps after lunch and try your luck at fly fishing on the Frying Pan before sundown.
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    @Cnewbert Sopris is one pretty mountain.
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    Good to know!
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    The lake has been there for 30 years, but was a members-only site with 2 hour time slots. We are adding the pay-per-set this year.
    The lake owner is developing the land around the lake (restaurants , teacher housing, apartments, assisted living ...). Across the highway is a Whole Foods, Starbucks, couple of breweries, burger joint,Element Hotel, bike shop, etc, etc
    The Valley is, well, Aspen: movie stars, real estate, night life, watches. It's really the Roaring Fork Valley: "world class fishing", 5 ski resorts, hot springs, mtn biking, river rafting.
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    Looks amazing!
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    Site is amazing. Incredible property. And that Prostar is sweet, I took care of her for 2 years before it made it to Kodiac.
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    @bishop8950 --she's happily going straight down the middle at her new home👍
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    This place looks amazing!! If I'm ever in CO definitely have to stop by.
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    What is this area? like a swim area, but it has a underwater sea wall?

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    @mike_mapple -- yep, a little swim area + protects the docked ski boat from the Pig waves (surf boat)
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