Fresh Air Exhaust VS Silent Tip Exhaust 2005 Malibu RLXI 383 Hammerhead

SSHSSH Posts: 2
Hi all trying to reduce exhaust noise in my 05 RLXI 383 Hammerhead. Currently i have rubber flappers and mufflers but looking for a more comfortable note when people are in the back seat.

Ive narrowed it down to either a fresh air exhaust or silent turned down tips.

Anyone have a Fresh Air Exhaust fitted to an 03 to 06 RLXI with wedge (floating or manual)

Or no wedge.

Interested to know how much it silenced the in boat exhaust noise especially from the rear seat.

And does the FAE effect the ski/slalom and barefoot wakes.

Has anyone fitted the Fresh Air stainless mufflers too and did they dampen the exhaust noise without a FAE outlet



  • 6balls6balls Posts: 6,113 Mega Baller
    My bro had a FAE on a 6.2 liter MC Prostar. Was freaky silent and wakes were not disturbed.
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    Turn down tips will surly help, but I’ll bet FAE is way better for back seat passengers.

    I installed Malibu turn-down outlets on my 5.7L Prostar and it is noticeably quieter in the boat, and behind the boat while skiing (big difference)… coming from rubber flappers.

    They are a good bit more restrictive and I’m sure they east a little HP. I… think… I can feel a slower getup but haven’t done it side-by-side, or same season for that matter.

  • skibrainskibrain Posts: 269 Crazy Baller
    Installed FAE on buddy’s ‘04 RLXi monsoon 340. No noticeable difference in ski wake other than if spinning short line at end of lake. Exhaust when pushed more sideways through water in a tight turn throws a lot of water at your lower legs 32’ and 35’ off. We’ve learned not to stand ‘there’. Would do it again in a minute to be an early morning good neighbor.

    Wedge does not fit with his installation. Never used it, so no loss.

    Exact boat also lives on lake with stock exhaust. FAE is Easily 1/4 volume when outside of boat hearing boat drive away. Less difference when compared from inside the boat harder to say qty of sound. We remove the back seat when skiing and never sit in back.

    A ‘02 RLX barefooter on the lake has the 383 hammerhead with turned down tips. I’d say a 30% noise reduction from outside rear of boat. Not scientific, but I’m around these boats a lot.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 6,113 Mega Baller
    With Jims 6.2 it was so overpowered that any loss due to back pressure was negligible at best.
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  • SSHSSH Posts: 2
    Thanks for all your insights.
    The boat is mainly used for skiing off the centre pole and no back seat but with different groups can be kids and a few more in the boat.

    SkiBrian my main noise concern is from inside the boat. Would you suggest that the STE isn’t much louder then the FAE from inside?

    I’ve also noticed at idle the hammerhead smells quite fuely when on the swim deck.
    Not sure if the FAE will reduce this.

    Appreciate all the comments people.
  • Kwoody51Kwoody51 Posts: 141 Baller
    The fuel smell on the deck at idle with the FAE will be similar. As the exhaust will still bubble up to where you are at.

    Not boat you are asking about but I put a FAE on my x-14 Mastercraft. The in boat noise reduction was dramatic. Before I couldn’t hear the chine spray, now I can.

    I lost maybe 2mph on top end which only matters when I try to pull a bare footer.

    I can’t tell a difference on the wake… but I’m not that good of a skier :)
  • ReallyGottaSkiReallyGottaSki Posts: 316 Crazy Baller
    Suggested reading and some inexpensive options to try before committing to a direction with the hardware
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