New Slalom Skis "Stereotypes"

I am curious and want to know what each brand of competition ski (36 mph) is known for. End goal is to know the differences between skis. What are the Pros and Cons of each ski?
I am throwing around the idea of getting a new ski for fun right now, but I do not really need a new one.


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    But the bestest is yet to come…
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    As you may be able to tell from the sarcasm so far, I'm not sure you're going to be able to attack a ski purchase in this way. All the top skis can run some serious buoys, but I think it's hard to assign personalities to any of them. Go through @Horton's reviews if you want to get a little insight into what each does particularly well.

    But as a semi-official Denali shill, I will say this: If you're looking for "fun," the c-85 could make a case as the "most different" ski.
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    Denali C-85. Just try it, especially if you're shopping "just for fun". @m_deel can hook you up with their demo program. Felt really weird the first pass or two, but almost instantly felt at home on it and I've added a few buoys to my practice PB in just a few weeks.

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    My impression of comments I have seen/heard others make over the years is:

    Goode and D3 - user friendly, forgiving ride
    Radar and HO - rewards skier input more than the previous two skis, more responsive
    Connelly - skier should already be athletic/agile to optimize their experience
    Denali - different, skier needs to think about their skiing technique and equipment as a whole, great technical support.

    I'm sure somebody/anybody/everybody will have disagreement with some/many/all of the characterizations above.

    I have no vested interest in any of the ski companies. I ski on a Goode at both 34 mph and 36 mph. I actually like it better at 36 mph.
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    Huge Topic, All the Top Skis are superb, but will feel different for different skiers, what suits one person may not suit another, really difficult one, because you have to be skiing OK, to know what another ski feels like, really good skiers are able to adapt and ride many different skis.
    John Horton is such a person, all of the Pros, will make almost any ski work for them, but even they will be looking for a certain feel that suits them.
    The only real way is to Demo as many skis as possible, to see what you like, ask friends, if they would let you ride their ski.
    Buying a Ski Blind or on recommendation, is a bit of a lottery, as many have said before buying a ski from SKI-IT-AGAIN, Can reduce the risk of a expensive mistake, chances are that you can always sell the ski on, if it doesn't work out.

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    Being in Canada demo skis are hard to come by. So I buy the ski that I think will be most interesting or contrast my previous ski's characteristics. As has been said, all of the top skis are great skis. Especially when skier has good technique to go with it. I find every ski teaches me to be better skier by exposing my weaknesses. I have set PB's on nearly every ski i've owned. So i conclude that one can ski well on any of the current top skis if they are using good technique. My last ski was a Denali C-65 which was vastly different than anything I have ever been on before. It was fun to learn how I had to adjust my style to work with that ski and I learned a lot about my own skiing in the process. This year i'm on a D3 NRG R2, again huge adjustment coming off the Denali. Took a few sets but i'm back up to my usual ball count and enjoying the process again.
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    Loving the new C-85, very user friendly like a D-3, only a souped up on steroids D-3.
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