My experience with the Goode XTR CC Wide Ride

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I’m writing this because not much out there on this ski when I was interested getting my hands on one. So I’m a 33 -34 mph skier 22-32 off skier . Weight around 195-200 .. I have been on a few past senate pros . In the last few years I have bought / demo. Denali c75 , D3 NRG 1 , Ion , D3 NRG 2 , Ho Omni , Radar Vapor . I just kept going back to the senate pro . Just either not good enough / or like a ski that rides higher up on the water . I’m a strong guy but have many joint issues , maybe that’s some of it … just easier on the body . So this leads to last week skiing with my good buddy And he recently bought a wide ride as maybe a back up for his XTR CC … he liked it just not as same as what he was use to … So I mounted up my stuff … after 3 passes of feeling out my ski I was skiing better then I did on my senate … I bought it from him . A couple tweaks later and only 4 sets later and I’m skiing better then I did at the end of last year ! Super excited about this ski ! It’s as great and as fast as the senate across the wakes , very stable and turns way better then the senate … hope this helps any one out there looking at this ski . PS this is my 1st Goode !


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    I must agree with 34 MPH. I purchased the ski he is speaking of. I took the ski directly from the box and put my bindings on it. The fin had been set up by Martin from Goode. I was taken back at the extreme width of the ski, compared to my XTR CC. My experience:
    THE easiest ski I have ever been pulled up out of the water on. Hands down. I know that is not a huge factor with all of us but for those with LB or shoulder issues, this is like getting up on a wakeboard.
    It rides very high on top of the water, creating great glide and speed if that is what you desire.
    From wake to wake, the quickest ski and least efforting ski I have ever tried.
    Very stable, very predictable. Very user friendly.
    This ski loves forward pressure pre turn. I curl my toes going into the buoy line, this ski responded really well to this stimulus.
    Turns on both side were butter. This does require PATIENCE at the turn and coming back onto the handle. Let it come under the rope, and keep moving toward the wake.
    No need to push down on this ski or add effort. I did this a couple times at 35 and it lean locked on me.
    Off the second spray as you come up over the ski, it will decelerate but carry out. I always had plenty of space prior to the buoy from 28 thru 35.
    This ski is effortless.
    This is just flat out fun. I highly recommend giving it a try.
    My specs: 60 y.o. LFF. 179 @ 5’ 10”. Practice typical score is 3 or 4 at 38 majority of days. Ski 34.2 @ A2.
    Good luck and have fun.
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    I think the Goode Wide Ride CC is one of the most underrated skis of all time. This ski works for extreme short line skiers as well as those running 32 mph long line. Stable and forgiving, yet fast and nasty when needed. The shape allows the ski to turn on a dime, so if your running late, you can literally make up all you lost in one turn, setting you up early for the next buoy. I have been skiing on a Wide Ride off and on for the last 12 years. Always looking for something better, but keep coming back to the Wide Ride. My scores are consistently better on the Wide Ride, simply because I can get away with making mistakes and still end up running the pass. I know we all want to ski perfect, but in reality, only a few pros are capable of doing that, so I pick the stick that allows me to ski and get the best scores consistently. The carbon core version of the Wide Ride is an improvement over the original ski.
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    @Milford 5'11" 175-180 would you ride a 64 or a 66?
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    @Deanoski I would go with the 64” with your height/weight. If you are skiing at a max speed slower than 34 mph, the I would go with the 66”. The 64” has a lot of surface area and would be ideal, but if your skiing at a max speed of 30 mph, because your older, I would size up. Good luck!
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    They’re some solid endorsements
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    Has anyone ordered and skied on the 'T-Gas version' of the wide ride? Apparently available for RFF skiers it's a true asymmetrical mold, a wide ride on one side and a Revo on the other?
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    @Milford have starting #
  • MilfordMilford Posts: 136 Open or Level 9 Skier
    @Deanoski I would start with recommended stock settings and adjust from there.

    I find that as the line gets shorter I prefer a little more DFT. Stock is .77, I’m running .94.
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    @Buxrus What size are you on? 64 or 66?
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    @Mazda. 66”.
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    Leave the settings as shipped from the factory - the thing sticks to the water like a ceramic magnet - its fast & turns on a dime 28 - 32 off 32 MPH. 73 YO bad form Coming off a Senate. Tried all the others D3, Connelly, KD, Denali, - this one is the best.
    Chuck Link, Deland Florida
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    Where's 2.5k $ when you need it...
    My ski finish in 16.95 ...but my ass is out of tolerance!
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    @scuppers Height/Weight size of ski, Please

    Looking Forward To Getting On The Water, It Has Been A Bleak Winter

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    @Stevie Boy I have both a new 64 and a new 66 - I'm 5ft 8.5 inches tall 180 lbs @ 32 mph both ski good but the 66 is the correct ski for my weight.
    Chuck Link, Deland Florida
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    There used to be a lot skiers on the Wide Ride, especially the Big Dawgs, does anybody have a insight, as to why some skiers moved away from it ?

    Looking Forward To Getting On The Water, It Has Been A Bleak Winter

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