Does the rubber in Radar RTP's stretch (do they become more easy to get in with time)?

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Just received Radar RTP in size xl/xxl after i gave up using m/l (much too small) I'm a size 9 (42). Amazingly, xl/xxl is a bit on the tight side aswell.

So, does the rubber stretch with time? I managed to push an empty Corona bottle in the binding, hoping it will help..

Grateful for any input.


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    Kind wierd. I'm a size 12 wide and ran a large D3 toe plate no problem with my toes basically touching the rear of my front binding. I don't know how much your rear toe plate is going to stretch.

    I ran rubber front for years as well (D3 leverage). They did always stretch from new--the first few uses was extra extra soap. I ran a large there--liked a snug fit. After 8 passes even after broken in it was time to get my foot out of there.
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    @Kris I think the Radar RTP comes up small, I am UK 8 which is US 9 , I normally buy the XXL, the rubber used to stretch a bit, not sure about the foam type stuff they are using now with the rubber overlay, which I normally remove, I also move the back two screws into the inboard counter sinks, to give a little more height so your foot moves in more, no good if you want to kick in, if you are two feet in for start, you have to turn your foot side ways to enter the binding, always releases in my experience.
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    Hard to tell - whether the rubber stretches or foot getting slim. Since my old willey rtp getting loose or tight depending on my weight, I tend to think about 2nd variant.
    Also - due to chemical processes in the vulcanized rubber over the time, normally rubber becomes harder and less elastic.
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    The rubber does stretch some over time, however sometimes the height is what most people have issues with, I know I custom cut mine to get my foot in further...but I also have a size 17foot and use a wiley rubber and grip tape, no padding under my rear foot on my skis.
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