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Hey Ballers,

I was thinking of getting an HO Hovercraft, but I don't have a direct connect binding. Does HO make an adapter for no-direct connect bindings? Or does anyone have a direct connect binding they want to get rid of? Seems like HO kind of shooting themselves in the foot with direct connect on the hovercraft.


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    I'm in the same boat...been wanting to get a Hovercraft for a couple of years now, but can't get over the direct connect thing. Anyone have any insight to what the impact of installing inserts would be?
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    considering the package deal at performance ski & surf is $559, and blank is 420, just buy the package deal and have fun.

    Either that of use some 3M tape and stick a traditional binding down, it's not a ski for fin tweakers
  • KroeksKroeks Posts: 21 Baller
    Yeah, unfortunately I have a number of newer skiers that I'd like to get on it and they don't all fit into one binding size. I also know that myself and a few of my regular ski partners will want to play on it (looks fun to me :) ) and we're definitely not all going to fit in the same boot.
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    HO only offers it in Direct Connect currently. Possibly will go to inserts next year? but believe the discussion was the top sheet wouldn't allow the boots to fit flush on the top. And pretty sure there is no material / insert block put into the current skis for non direct connect bindings. Supplies are still limited on Hovercrafts currently. Have 65" and 69", but waiting to get 67" skis.
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    get double ARTP problem solved.

    do not actually do that.

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