Wiley Slalom boot

LK_skierLK_skier Posts: 115 Baller
My sons who are 11 and 9 and keep growing causing me to need new gear all the time use Wiley boots on their slalom skis.

My 9yr old son is ready for a size small (currently xs). My 11 yr old is currently using a small and normally I'd pass that down and get him into a medium - that won't work because the 11yr old is not quite ready for a medium yet.

Is there a way to re-build the small boot so that it is a bit bigger (new overlays?) so that I don't have to buy another small and then need to buy a medium probably in 6 months time?

Yep I'm being a tight arse. I guess at some point it may be cheaper to put them in a reflex across both their trick and slalom skis and just update the shell as they grow?


  • BigSprayBigSpray Posts: 16 New Baller
    @LK_skier what dictates the size of a binding is the toe rubber. The heel and overlays are the same size. Overlays can be tightened but that will not make the boot bigger or smaller. Just tighter.
    You can buy a medium and pull it down. Call Willeys and talk with them for ideas.
  • jjackkrashjjackkrash Posts: 1,131 Mega Baller
    Maybe put them in a Vector Boa. There's more room for adjustment and its a nice, comfortable binding for slalom. I gave my boy the option of using his syndicate hard shell that he uses on his trick ski for slalom as well but he did not want to give up his Vector. And it weighs next to nothing.
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