HO VMax broken boot?

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My rear HO VMax boot broke down on me, thought that it had loosen itself from the ski first, but when I got out of the water I saw that the bottom plate was still attached to the ski, it was the boot that had separated from the plastic bottom end. Everything looks like it's not broken, It's only the glue between the sole and the boot thats gone loose. Anyone knows what type of glue that could work to glue them together again, or should I go for the new Radar Vapor hybrid boot instead?


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    I've had pretty good luck repairing various rubber footwear with Gorillia Glue brand super glue. It's got some give to it so it doesn't get super hard and crack.
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    Found this glue, sounds like it's going to work on the boot, strong flexibleand works on fabric vinyl plastic and rubber.

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    Glue looks good, but I don’t think it will hold. I would add a polyethylene small sheet(or carbon, g10), or 2 mm stainless steel sheet inside the boot, under the foot bed. I would probably use countersunks with prong nuts through the bottom of the boot, plus the vinyl glue…
    Also this neoprene ski sleeve looks cool with the zipper and all, but it keeps the moisture inside and could be the reason for the boot failure. Buy an open sleeve or remove this every time you get back home. It will be good for your fin and fin box and the speed skin around the fin area too…
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    I always leave the zipper open when the ski/boots are wet so hopefully it dries out good enough...
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    I'm not sure how well it holds up to submersion, but I've had good luck with "Shoe Goo" for footwear repairs.
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    It says "WATERPROOF: Waterproof and resilient bond for crafts that are subject to wet or harsh conditions" so it should work for wet conditions I hope...
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    3m 5200 marine sealant is an idea also. You would have to set the boot on fire to get it apart.
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