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I've got an 04 ProStar 197 with a 350 TBI that quit the other day right after fueling up. I've got spark but don't appear to have fuel. When cranking the engine and holding down the schrader valve on the fuel line I get nothing. There are 3 wires going to the fuel pump (which is in the tank), black, green, and white. I get 12v between black and white for a few seconds when the key is turned on, I assume to prime with fuel. I don't get voltage on green, I don't know when this wire is powered and I can't find a wiring diagram for the boat. When I turn the key on the fuel pump doesn't run.

These fuel pumps are on a national back-order with no ETA so I want to make sure I'm not missing something since I'm in MN and will probably miss the whole season waiting for one. Is there possibly a relay or something else causing the problem? This boat is new to me and this is the first time I've filled it up with fuel...coincidence?




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    I suspect all the info you need is here, but don’t have time to read through for you.

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    Also on team talk,do a search for faulty fuel pump connector...but first suspect is the notorious failing fuel pump in those years.
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    Where are you at in MN? I think I have a contingency "kit" (auto pump and hoses) from my old 209 from back in the day in my boathouse. Let me know
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    Maybe this will help. I have a 05 197 with the MCX 350 multiport fuel injection. I have had the 3 different issues with the fuel pump.The first time it was the relay located on the back of the motor, there are 3 of them as i remember, i would replace all 3. The 2nd time i had a problem it was the fuel pump. I removed the canister out of the fuel tank and took the canister( fuel pump assembly) apart, removed the fuel pump from inside and bought one at the auto parts store down the road. The part number I found in the mastercraft team talk. Its a fuel pump for an old corvette, that's what the parts guy told me. The mastercraft dealer told me not to run the gas level below 1/4 because it makes the fuel pump work harder. I found out why. There is a float valve at the bottom of the fuel pump that stays closed so that the fuel is drawn from above until the fuel level is around 1/4 and then it starts to open and pulls the gas through the fuel filter just below it. During the transition I think the pump runs a little dry or has to work harder. I figured this out after the 3nd fuel pump. I removed the float valve about 500hrs ago and it has been perfect. The 3nd issue was the plug connection to the fuel pump canister on the top of the gas tank. It gets corroded and looses connection. I figured this out by moving the plug around and while putting a little pressure on it had my son start the boat , It would run until I let go of the plug. I had to replace the plug going to the canister. Good luck.
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    Hey @Jim62, what @danny sanderford said.

    I have an '04 197 MCX with 5.7l TBI. Intermittent problems one day then stopped the next. Got a fuel pressure gauge and put it on that schrader valve and it read inconsistent values. If I recall correctly, read decent pressure when the fuel rails were initially primed, but low after that. I swapped out those three relays (RockAuto has them cheap; like $7 each). Quadrupled checked the connections.

    Then replaced the fuel pump itself with one from an auto parts store; brought in the old one and they looked through a few and found the right one. I think that was around $30. Fired right up and ran well after that. (Note: Airtex E2044 is the pump I installed. Now looks closer to $50.)

    Note: You'll need to disassemble the cage around the fuel pump after you take the assembly out of the tank. Not difficult by any means, but you'll certainly smell like gas for a day.

    I suspect I got most of the info I needed to do from the link that @Mastercrafter posted.
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