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Hello All,

I am looking at getting a new trailer for my MY 2001 SN. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a trailer manufacture. I am waiting on a price quote from boatmate and phoenix. My current trailer is an eagle that is really starting to show it's age with some bad rust. I don't need anything over the top, i trailer my boat about 10 miles each way to our pond, which is freshwater. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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    Phoenix. I and a lot of boatmate owners will concur.
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    @PatM, thank you, that is what I am hearing. I live in Northern Ohio and there is a large trailer manufacturer, loadmaster, that will custom make one for me, which I am leaning towards, but wanted to see what all my options are.
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    Phoenix, solid trailer and awesome service after the sale. We used to ski a site with a very steep ramp. Phoenix made me a set of extra high boat guides. The guy working on the shop floor called me to get a measurement on my trailer to make sure he got them right.
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    After owning Boatmate, Eagle, Ramlin, MC, Phoenix, Dorsey and Shorelander trailers, I don't know that I was super smitten with one over the other? Eagle was cheap, so I liked that. Bow stop on the Ramlin was handy. Phoenix and Boatmate are very well made. I'd probably go with the best price and closest sales/service location.
    Scott Calderwood
  • AjskierAjskier Posts: 105 Baller
    Thank you all for your input, I really appreciate it.
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    No preference of manufacturer, but I would suggest a galvanized vs. painted. Particularly if left outside. The painted will rust far more quickly.
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