Practice sets

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How do you arrange practice sets?

Always run down the line.
Always try to get high score.
Run hardest runnable pass often.
Run pass before hardest pass often.
Spin passes.
Skis different speeds to learn passes.
Skis faster speeds to make normal speeds seem slower.
Run back to backs.
Go out at different lengths.
Organize set strategy Based on time of week or time of season.
Ski the day before tournament or take it off.


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    To start things off here’s my approach this year.

    I started skiing in March. I hadn’t skied much since October so i knew it would be months to be actually conditioned.

    Objective one get in shape.
    I skied one set weekly for 3 weeks.

    Then I started skiing every 3 days for another 3 weeks

    Then I started skiing two sets every other time.

    Now I try for 4-8 sets/ week.

    Objectives in that time are get in shape and dial in what I know.

    In this time I ski many sets at 34mph (i am mens 3) usually the first set of the week I ski 36.

    Until I run my hardest runnable pass 10 times I did not try the one I want to learn this season.

    For days I ski two sets I usually go out set two at a shorter line length.

    I ski back to back passes often but not during sets when I want to reach max score.

    I won’t miss a pass more than twice before reverting to easier pass.

    I always plan my passes for the set before skiing the set.

    I generally make the plan with the goal to run all the passes.

    I rarely ski more than 6 passes.
    Sometimes I ski 4 on second sets and occasionally ski 8.

    Sometimes after falling at an easy pass I start from where I fall to purposely ski it again with rollers in the course.

    I don’t shy away from bad conditions.

    After about 40 sets I feel 80% conditioned. My athleticism and former knowledge have me within reach of my best scores but I still am not there.

    I have a theory for what I need to do to solve the pass I am working on and this theory has been developed from this seasons training model.

    The most important thing is to recover from sets or groups of sets because injuries are the biggest threat.
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    @TravisNW while it is good to go down the line especially close to a tournament when practicing have a goal in mind. What do I want to work on today? If gates or holding the load longer into the ball work on that for the set at a length I feel comfortable I Talk to my driver get feed back as what he feels and what my partners see. and try to make adjustments from there.
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