2012 Mastercraft Prostar Steering upgrade

pcmcon729pcmcon729 Posts: 101 Baller
I have a 2012 MC PS TT with 1000hrs that I have owned since new. It's used almost exclusively in the slalom course pulling competitive skiers. Given the price of the new boats, which I refuse to pay for, I'm doing a few upgrades to my existing boat to include new steering cable and rack (comes as 1 unit). I was wondering if anyone knows if I could retrofit the new 2021-22 Mastercraft's steering cable with clevis free connector to the tiller arm into my 2012? I have had the opportunity to drive the new boats in tournaments, and while a number of the upgrades and improvments would not make sense for my boat (4 fins, etc), the steering componants seem like they might. @Jody_Seal
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