Little help w perfect pass background settings

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99 Response. Monsoon efi. 32 and 34 mph. No Zbox
Looks like my start is ok. How much more should I back down the 3 ball segment ?
Thanks Balllers!


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    Tons of tips in this thread:

    Each boat is a little different make small changes at a time and do good record keeping so you can return to known good setting if something goes awry.
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    Probably down to about 25 try 30 for starters. Don't be afraid to drop it not uncommon. Mine runs 20-15-18 it's a mastercraft but just for perspective that's how far it needed to go. We also have a older ski nautique right around the same numbers. Good luck!
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    Run autocal again, and/or check that your baselines are accurate. Especially if they haven't been done in a while or you have done anything in terms of engine tune up, prop. Even changing out our (very) dirty fuel filter changed mine enough to notice.

    GPS pucks have newer firmware? The week rollover issue causes all kinds of weirdness.

    That all aside, yup drop Ball 3 to 35.

    You can see some settings in this chart that others have documented:
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    I thought background settings were only required if you were an appointed speed control at Nationals. Or something…
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