Custom painting a ski and/or bindings?

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Random curiosity question: Is it possible to customize a ski by painting it (and having the paint not come off with use)? If so, what paint would you use? Top and/or bottom of the ski, though mostly thinking top as to avoid affecting the actual performance on the bottom.
And same question for bindings, and if possible, any different for rubber vs. hardshell?


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    You cannot really paint a rubber binding in a meaningful way - if you get a white FM shell you can dye that nylon using RIT fabric dye and hot water like dipping Easter eggs, so you could do different pots and dip it.

    You can also paint plastic hardshells with something like Krylon fusion but it will probably peel.

    Painting the top is easy as heck, and the bottom of every Goode is usually painted with SEM bumper coat spray paint. But many of the newer skis have some form of texturized bottom surface to reduce the "stiction" of the ski to the water. So that would influence the performance.

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    @BraceMaker what kind of paint would you use for the top?
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    Its a fiberglass and carbon ski - not sure what you'd want it to look like but probably some form of airbrush enamel? I assumed you were some sort of graffiti artist.

    If not do vinyl
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    I'm not but my buddy is (non-skier) and he was asking about it. I'm not even sure what the top of skis are made of, or if they're sealed/finished in any particular way that would make paint not "stick."
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    I don't know if he's still doing it or not, but @twhisper made this custom skin for my ARC 5 years ago. I have to believe it held up better than paint would have. It still looks good.
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    Pretty sure world class skiers have done this in the past.
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    There are spray paints out there like Plastic-Dip which work similar to vinyl wrap in a can. Come in a variety of colors. Mask your ski off and layer up your colors. If you don't care for how it comes out, peel it off and try again. Might even do a reasonable job on bindings.
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    Not sure what your goal or budget is; I’d bet you could have some fun with Hydro Dipping options, either DIY (hardshells; ski might be tough for a non-pro) or have it done ($150-300 for a ski):
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    Why not just have the ski wrapped.

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