Public Slalom Courses in Montana and Idaho

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My family and I will be doing a cross country move from Washington to Massachusetts and are towing our boat along the way. We’re hoping to ski a few courses along the way in Montana or Idaho. Anyone have any suggestion? I saw there may be a course on Lake Pend Oreille? Thanks in advance!


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    There is a course on the river on Pend Oreille. I know that the owners are on here. I’ll let them chime in if they’d like.
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    Going to be Hot across the north desert this time of year.
    Done it a couple times pulling a boat. Air pressure check. Grease dispenser, extra hub assembly, cheap floor jack from harbor freight and a few blocks of timber, ratchet strap and duck tape. spare new tire and rim...maybe two if it is a tandem.
    I would run that montana, Dakota route at night.
    Probably try and find public course closer to midwest central states. If there are any courses on montana public waters up and functioning Sealy7Swan? Lake 5? it will be way off the beaten path. However you might be able to snag a guest ride at Rosewater in Kalispell. or in Helena at no wake.
    Another site near Cody wy.
    Have a safe trip.
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

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    Yes. Check out Rosewater.
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    And welcome to Massachusetts when you get here!
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
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    Might be a bit south out of the way, but black butte ranch near Twin Falls Idaho is a 2 lake setup. Boise has same. Also a lake near Sun Valley, Idaho. Can't help further north across Idaho panhandle though.
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    I’m at Rosewater
    Flathead valley kalispell mt

    3 hrs off I-90 both ways towing a boat

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    @skinautiquer not much help for public courses in Montana and Idaho, but if you are close to the Vermont border come ski with us in Brattleboro. We have a sweet course setup on the CT river.
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    @skinautiquer If you are on I80 heading east in PA just past the Ohio border. I can give you a pull. The lake is near the intersection of I80 and I79(15 minute drive). 1994 Ski Nautique with Stargazer 3 event and zbox. Slalom course on the lake. Send me a private message if you are going to be close to the area.
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    Wow, although I’ve spent a lot of time on the BoS forums I’ve never actually posted. You all are truly an amazing group of people and I’m always thankful to be a part of such an amazing community! This will be our second time making the XC trip with the boat, with many other long hauls under our belt. I’ve got two spare tires, extra inner/outer bearings/races, a jack and all associated tools to get out of a sticky situation.

    I have a few skiing friends that will be towing a second boat to join my family on the first leg of the journey which is why i’m most interested in skiing in MT/ID but depending on the timing of our trip I may reach out to others who have offered. If you’re ever in CT my family has a small place on Coventry Lake and I’d be happy to return the favor!
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    I-94 , north Tappen, ND. Two private courses Allow access. Get a hold of me
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    Forgot to mention Broadside Harbor in Caldwell, ID near Boise. Site of 2016 Nationals.
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    Enjoy your trip east. I am up in Northwestern Vermont.

    The Google Earth file maybe another resource for planning our route.
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    Helena, MT has two lakes(No Wake Lake). If you're in SE Idaho we have access to a few sites.
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    Welcome to the 860 !
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