Omega Max Mk ll

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Anyone on this ski?


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    I am. I love it. I can slow down to 32mph or even 30mph (I'm 190lbs) and it feels totally fine. Then I bump it to 34mph and I don't feel any loss of performance from my 2020 Omega. Perfect ski for me.
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    @owennibley- wich size you are on 67 or 68 ?
    I orderded a 68 at Miami Nautiques last November and they send me a 66 (to Germany) and I'm also arround 190 lbs ski 34 mph (15-28 off) at the moment have not tried the ski so far because i think it is way to small. Try to resale it if someone is interested in Europe for 1100 Euro absolutely unused.
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    @Frank_MA My 2020 Omega was a 67. I was right on the edge of needing a 68 but I tried to make the 67 work, which it did at 34mph. At 32mph I was fighting the ski and was just too deep in the water.

    My Omega MAX is a 67 as well. Much better feel at 32mph. I constantly drop to 32mph to practice 28-32off and it is a much better ski for that. And like I said before, when I bump up to 34mph, I don't notice a loss of performance compared to my 2020 Omega.
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    Wow is that it? Is Parrish still on Omega Max Mk II? Good vibes but not many converts or users it seems.
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    I’m on one and really like it. Are you just taking a poll or have a specific question?
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    I'm on a 68 Syndicate Pro (Mk2) 190lbs and we're skiing deep slow water and I'm struggling to get space as the water gets warmer. Interesting to know how the difference between the 68 Pro (which feels more like a '67 ski) and the 67 Omega MAX is. (the '68 doesn't seem to be available)
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    @Frank_MA My understanding of the Pro is that it is a much deeper concave ski. That allows the ski to sit deeper in the water and really bleed speed off coming into the buoy. So if you were to get late and in trouble you could really crank on the ski and maybe pull a little longer than normal and it would be able to slow you down enough before you get to the next buoy.

    The Omega (or Omega MAX), in my opinion, is very much a finesse ski. It does not require near as much energy as a deeper concave ski and is easier on the body. However, the trade off is that you may not be able to make up time or bleed speed off as easily as the PRO. I think it tends to be more technique dependent rather than brute force.

    2 completely different designs & feeling on the water. I prefer the Omega, less energy approach, my ski partner prefers the PRO and loves it. One is not better, just different.

    I could be WAY off on this so maybe @savaiusini could expound on the different skis.
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    @owennibley you pretty much nailed it!
    @Frank_MA we are currently sold out of the 68 Syndicate Omega Max and should have more in about a month, last I checked.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
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    @savaiusini Are any changes planned for omega max in 2023?
  • savaiusinisavaiusini Posts: 443 Water Ski Industry Professional
    No change for 2023.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
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    Thanks for your answers, of course I also know the differences from the HO videos and some personell experience. Finnaly my question was more about finding out which ski is better suited for my weight of 195 lbs between 32 mph 15 off up to 34 mph 28 off than the Syndicate Pro 68, the Omega MAX 67 or Omega 68 which I could get immediately or wait for the Omega MAX 68.
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    @Frank_MA I understand your dilema now. Between the 68 Omega and the 67 Omega MAX, I personally would go with the MAX. I seem to like shorter skis as I am not that tall @ 5'10". But it is all personal preference and I don't think you could make a wrong decision. Both are great skis.

    There is a new 68" Omega Max on
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    In my understanding and at a risk of disagree points… a deeper concave makes the ski sit higher, works the opposite of a deep V. I don’t know if the max has a deep concave or not, have setup a couple but haven’t paid attention to the concave or bevels, or rocker. Also like a deepV, V shape bevels makes a ski sit deeper than round bevels.
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    Omega skis are shallow convave to make them ride higher according to ads. My 2020 67 Omega rides very high in the water.
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    Little update, after the discussion here I just rode my 66 Syndicate Omega Max at 34 mph and was really surprised by the ski. Despite my current 195 lbs, I hardly needed any more power than with my 68 Pro, the turns were rounder and more symmetrical and the off site also better than with the Omega I had in 2020, a really good round ski. Now I'm still spoiled for choice between Omega 68 and Omega Max 67, which unfortunately I can only buy here in Europe without trying them first. For 34 mph both skis will definitely work and I'm leaning towards Omega MAX 67 , but for 32 mph wich i need to ski at the beginning of the season I would like to know which one might provide a little more lift before I spend a lot of money on a new ski again.
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    I’m on a 67 Omega Max II at 180 lbs and ski 30-32mph most of the time. Despite being 6’4”, I’m often described by club members as soft in the line and smooth so that may play a role. My point, how you ski matters too. That said, above 190 and I’d think a 68 would do better for you.
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    180 6' 34mph -28 -32 -35 I have been on a 66 an d 67 omego

    66 wow tight turns
    67 fast easy not sure what size I like best same score on both skis.
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