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TheBirdTheBird Posts: 6
Any recommendations between the Acme 475 vs 541 props. I’m looking for a new primary for my 1999 MC Sportstar 1:1. When I do the Acme gauges on their website i get between these two. I have seen a lot on the forum regarding the 541 but not much in the 475. Any and all suggestions please!



  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,203 Mega Baller
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    The 475 isn't a terribly popular pick the 541 is excellent for that boat with maybe the other way the 543 getting the nod if you like to do things like 2 people on trick skis or tubing. 475 maybe if you spend a lot of time cruising down a big lake or barefoot at top speed.
  • lundberglundberg Posts: 128 Solid Baller
    +1 541. Works great on my 94 PS205.
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