Heat molding.

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Can a brand new Radar Profile be heat molded??. If so, how? It’s not a boot with a liner. Daughters new boot is a hair to short. Big toe hits the front where it could be an issue. Must say, what a quality boot!!.
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    It's not a direct answer, but I've successfully used a ski boot stretcher for my girlfriend with the new Pulse. She was loose in a men's size 7-8 but her big toe was hitting the front with a size 5-6; molding the liner was not enough. Some iterations between heating ( <~70°C) and increasing the stretcher pressure created the required space. Most ski and skate shops have stretcher machines.
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    @Wish Pretty sure you could mold it if the toe is plastic using a heat gun or hair dryer at the risk of voiding the warranty. The right amount of heat is a very very fine line though! I know a lot of people that have heat molded Reflex boots. Some were successful, some not.
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    Hot tub
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    Hacksaw and file the tight area.
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    Just go to your local dealer and see when they are available to heat if for her. Pick up a new pair of gloves or rope when there. My dealer has been great and the heat molding does help. Unfortunately I have found that it helps more with width and shape than length. If it just touching it should help though.
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    With regards to heat part of molding. I’ve fashioned a way to apply graduated pressure to the big toe area of the boot and can see it working without heat. But once pressured is removed, guessing it will just go back. I can dunk the front of the boot in a pot of water on the stove to heat. Just how hot should it be…or not be?. Hot tubs, as mentioned above, usually are 104ish degrees. Obviously the pot of water can be made warmer.
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    @Wish use a hair drying on the high heat low fan

    Or another way I used to do my hockey skates, is a cup of rice in a sock, ad a little bit of water, double sock it, Microwave for 2 min, shove into the toe for 5 min, then pull out and use your own foot with a thick sock on.
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    Went the route of hot water. After a soak I applied more pressure and got lots of movement. It used to be almost perfectly rounded front to the boot

    . Now it looks like there is a big toe already in it. Thanks for the help.
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