World Games

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The site in Birmingham must a tough place to ski. No one ran 39 in the prelims, if what I read is accurate.
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    Is there any way to watch the finals today? My Googlefoo is letting me down!
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    competition of the day! spectator friendly.
    want to be a pro? "World Games"
    lake level is high as that area got as much as 10" if rain in a 24 hour time period last fri sat and Sunday. that could account fir the real spiffy scores.
    trick scores up malibu must be a great trick boat.
    not many skiers though.

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    Congrats to Mike and Jaz for putting on a great show. Way too much work for so little reward, you have no idea how much it took to pull this off. And they've got to take it all out tomorrow
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    Curious as to why entry was so small? Was it invite only, limited to 1 per country, not many counties invited, or some iwwf scoring scenario dictating the entry. Congrats to the winners.
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    Can someone post results?
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    @DW limited to 1 per country and only 5 skiers per country.
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