Is there a way to reduce slack-line shake with Ski-Doc-Orbit videos ?

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A cable course appear on our lake in Minnesota for 2 days this weekend. It belongs to a guy whose pays a $2600 per year to a Ski Club for unlimited use of slalom lake in Arizona including 365 days of boat storage. His boat has never left the site and he has never skied in a tournament. The Minnesota cable course is dropped to the bottom unless he is visiting this home shared by an extended family on our lake. He keeps matching Radar skis at both sites. Its believable he can complete 35 off sometimes when he's not skiing in rollers.

I pulled him at 34mph 32off (Perfect Pass) in very bad conditions. Because of his 230lb weight and strength the Orbit mount gets hit much harder by slack than when I am skiing (165lbs). Anyone found a method or alternative to get videos with less impact from the rope being drawn tight by the skier ? He wasn't actually skiing with a slack line, per se but the rope shakes hard when it goes from no-load to high-load. I am sure some advanced engineering could dampen this . . But is there a low budget solution ?? Maybe the phone contributes to this, but its better with a lighter skier.

I use an old Samsung Galaxy S7 because its vintage has a slightly less wide angle lens than most other phones.
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    GoPros have far better image stabilization, but that's not quite a low budget solution.
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    @swbca that is about as good as it gets.
    The only thing better is if you go to a current model GoPro with electronic / optical stabilization.

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    Later this same day I noticed my phone has its own rotational bounce in the Orbit phone mount even when the mount screwed down tight. It would be better if the phone was in a case to fit in the jaws of the mount better, but the cases make phones hotter. I am going to fix that problem next to see how much of the rope shake was made worse by the phone mount.
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    My GoPro Hero 10 with the labs firmware is equivalent to hand filming in my opinion.

    Plus it is totally automated, start the boat and the GoPro does the rest, 0 user interaction for the entire time.
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    @BrennanKMN Do you have an example ? So many of the GoPro videos are very wide angle. Do you use zoom settings to make make the skier a realistic sized feature in the frame ? What you have sounds perfect. Even a screen shot would show the effective focal length. Thanks
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    We use the Ski Doc orbit with a GoPro Hero 9, the GoPro Labs GPS on / off speed activation, and a 20% zoom. Below is the link to my channel.
    In the best case, you watch it at home on your internet-connected big screen TV, and slow it down to 50% or so via the YouTube settings. Then we see all the flaws! Enjoy.

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    Below is an example. However, for me, I really don't care about 'frame size' I film on 4k 120fps, with 20% zoom and use VLC to analyze my skiing. You could zoom in more on the GoPro, but I prefer the shorten the rope method of zoom. In VLC I can slow the video speed and I can punch in during critical times. Having the extra resolution of the 4k allows me to punch in and maintain detail. Plus I like it wide enough to make out the loop on the pylon.

    Video for me is merely a teaching tool for myself. Frankly I don't care about how zoomed it is or how pretty it is. It is all about quantity over quality. You can spend a hell of a lot of time trying to get your video setup perfect and learn nothing to improve your skiing, or you can use what you've got and start improving your skiing.

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    It's not a trade off . I have a lifetime interest in photography and graphic arts. It hasn't prevented me from skiing well. My fun is doing everthing well. You fun is doing your thing. Good for you .

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    yes, a dampener can be easily constructed with some aluminum discs, a few screws and silicone tubing:
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    May 2018

    "Big fan of the ski dock orbit. The ease of use with rope changes is pretty hard to beat. Also, it's a reasonably sturdy mount. With just a phone directly on the orbit it had a lot of vibration that made the videos pretty hard to watch. So, I made an isolation mount to filter out all of the higher frequency content. It works great and the orbit is rigid enough to the pylon to prevent excessive low frequency motion. I still get a bit of rope induced motion, but it's pretty minor.

    Never used a wakeye mount, but their phone app is fantastic.

    The top plate is supported by rubber tubing that is very low stiffness for lateral motion but still reasonably stiff for vertical loads to support the weight of the top plate and attached phone. The orange foam is just a snubber in case someone decides to push on it, it's not in contact with the top plate."

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    There's also the cable loop dampeners some are using. Look half way down this page
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    Any similar dampening mechanisms for a Wakeye? I'd be willing to buy one from someone, I suck at DIY lol.
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