Every set is a tournament set! Daily Ski Challenge

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To spice things up a little this year we have created a WhatsApp Group for those interested at our club to post their scores for a Daily Ski Challenge. To keep things fair, you post your Off the Dock Score (OD) then Total number of buoys run (TB) plus the emoji of your choice eg [email protected] 16 :) to your WhatsApp Group.
This info gets entered onto a simple Spreadsheet each day after everyone has skied and there is daily winner for OD and TB.

We then added a Head to Head for the top 8 skiers for the first few days which runs alongside (Using the daily posted scores) so every set you have really is a Tournament Set.

This is so simple to set up and administer that it may appeal to those who don't fancy proper tournaments.

A link to the Scoreboard is here so you can see how simple this is to administer.

Obviously, as everyone just skies as they normally do, it relies on honesty of participants but it is great way of competing but without the formalities.

Thought it might be of interest to groups who ski together but at different times.


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