02 Malibu Response CB/LX Rear Ski Locker Gas Struts

MNhackskierMNhackskier Posts: 6 New Baller
I noticed my ski locker shocks have lost their luster a bit recently and unfortunately the PN callouts/specs have rubbed off over the years and I cannot find what the strut is rated to. I know it’s a ~20in extended strut but the weight rating is missing. if I had to guess I think it’s a pair of 30-40lb struts. I know the design is common starting on maybe the 99 Response CB/LX until 2013ish so if anyones got struts with legible specs on it that would be great.


  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 1,221 Mega Baller
    Just bring the strut into a Napa store and they can match it up to something similar.
  • Kevin89MCKevin89MC Posts: 40 Baller
    Bakes Marine has exactly what you need. They were close to the pricing from other sources, so figured I'd patronize the Malibu specialist. They are 30 lb struts used on the trunk, passenger seat and engine doghouse. FYI Personally I think they are too light for the doghouse, I gave my 30 lb ones to a friend and got 40 lb for that, wish I'd have gone even higher.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 518 Baller
    My Sunsetter had 20 lbs from factory - i put 30 lb struts and it works awesome. Mine were only 17" or I would give the part number.
  • Kevin89MCKevin89MC Posts: 40 Baller
    Actually I should have stated that I also could not read the numbers on mine, and Bakes stated that 30 lb were for everything I mentioned. Originals certainly could have been different. My original trunk ones would barely help open it, and just barely keep it from falling down, so they maybe were 20 lb, in addition to being old.
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,937 Mega Baller
    They're SPD 5200-20 from the factory. I bought some 5200-30s to replace them, but two of them were too much. I put one on the trunk lid and left the other side an expended one. That worked perfectly. I put the other one on the motor box.
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