Broken 2018 HO Syndicate VTX

ataylor6085ataylor6085 Posts: 2 New Baller
About a month ago I was free skiing and I internally broke, the outside laminate held together, my 2018 HO Syndicate VTX 66". I do not ski very aggressively, hit nothing, and cannot think of any other logical reason as to how I would be able to break a ski. It has been stored in a bag, inside for the entirety of its' life outside of being on the boat for skiing. I spoke to HO support regarding the matter and was basically told to get lost since it was past its' 1-year warranty. I was told by them to contact my dealer, but the ski was bought on a college ski team deal and I do not have access to information as to how the ski was acquired. I have been told by others that HO has good service, but I have not had this experience. Does anyone have suggestions as to how I could get the ski either replaced or upgraded at a reduced cost due to the unexplainable nature of the break, especially when it was not that old?


  • RednucleusRednucleus Posts: 842 Mega Baller
    I would probably be disappointed if my 4-5 year old ski failed, but would not expect the manufacturer to help with that many miles on it. And, If I really liked the ski I would probably look at new models of the same brand to replace it. Skis break, they wear out, some quicker than others.
  • ataylor6085ataylor6085 Posts: 2 New Baller
    @BraceMaker It was a graphic blemish, but sold with a guarantee of no structural problems.
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,203 Mega Baller
    @ataylor6085 just out of curiosity then. If you went out tomorrow and spent the 2K on a brand new one. Not a demo not a used one not a blem. And you get 2 years and it breaks. How upset will you be?

    Because that also will be outside of warranty and was new and structurally sound.

    Not all skis break but stuff happens
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