XTR Team Review - Restart

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A number of factors have delayed and sidetracked the completion of the XTR Team review. We moved, I went down an odd path with fin settings and I have generally not had much quality skiing. So we are mostly moved in, I am skiing at the new lake and the review is back on track.

The last 2 times I skied I ran 38. Generally running 38 makes my happy but considering how wacky my skiing has been this year it is an even bigger deal. So bottom line is the ski works.

This ski gets high on the boat (wide) but it requires some physical effort. The flip side of this is that the ski always turns. It just turns. It never does not turn. It is a turning machine.

Current settings are curtesy of “Kevin the Person” ( @bishop8950 ) not to be confused with “Kevin the Dog”
2.470 / 6.885 /.72 / 9 ( tips and head of the caliper methods.)

More details to come soon.

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