Removable buoys?

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We are looking to add the mini course to our existing public lake floating course and would like to make them removable as it’s a public lake and people do everything through the course. Our original thought was to put submersed buoys down and then dive in and hook our mini buoys up each time we take the kids. That sounded great in the beginning but that requires us to jump in every time we set it up and take it out. Was thinking of possible leaving the bungee tied to the submersed buoy and pulling it up out of water and attaching mini buoy each time. Any concerns with having clip connected directly to buoy? Any other suggestions?

Kids have already run the mini mini course (driving between balls and gates) and want the full mini now.



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    Our course is also on a public lake, we just leave the green learner buoys attached as we rarely have to replace them. It’s boat guides and outer red turn buoys that usually get clipped by yahoos.
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    Similar situation and experience with the mini course as @Jmoski Except that this year, for some reason, the mini course buoys have been affected with higher frequency than normal. We replace them by just lifting the side arm at the regular turn buoy and follow it to the mini course line. We do not have sub-buoys.

    Rui Afonso

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    @tbarile - no concerns with your suggestion. Should be fine .
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