Safesport requirement to renew USA waterski

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I know I am probably treading on very thin ice. My question is not politically charged. I am obviously late to the table. When I got my renewal email from USA Waterski I considered renewing immediately. (Early Spring). I didn’t. About a month ago I learned that doing SafeSport training was required to renew with USA waterski. My question is why?
I cannot think of one legitimate reason as to why this is part of my USA waterski sign up.
I am not coaching young people at a tournament
I am not coaching young people at my ski lake

No, I am not renewing.
My ski partner skied states this week and I believe they had 4 participants in M5. 4!! 66 total skiers at a state tourney.
A friend texted me and said he was one of three skiers in M3 for his state tournament. 3!
There are several discussions on here regarding what’s killing the slalom skiing sport, etc.
My opinion is this certainly didn’t help.
I seriously would love to know the relationship b/w the two.


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    I was under the impression that was only if you were going to partake in tournaments?
    Life's about working hard and then having fun on the water!
    I am - are you?
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    It’s only needed if your participate in events.
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    What is the point of renewing or even joining AWSA /USA /whatever, if you are not going to compete in a tournament? Mandatory Safe Sport is just one more nail in the coffin.
    Nationals @ Oakeeheelee next year - I would like to compete but Safe Sport Training is gonna be a hard pill to swallow.
    Chuck Link, Deland Florida
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    Sorry @Broussard i did a search and nothing came up. I agree btw.
    @MattP why else would I join?
  • LarsLars Posts: 244 Solid Baller
    @scuppers its required to be in AWSA to ski at my ski club's lake even if I never do a tournament.
  • scuppersscuppers Posts: 584 Crazy Baller
    @Lars - required why? Insurance? Try and collect!
    Luckily where I ski it’s not required and we are well insured.

    Chuck Link, Deland Florida
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    @Lars I'm pretty sure you can be a member of ASWA as required by your club without having SafeSport. SafeSport is only required to ski events.
    Kelvin Kelm, Lakes of Katy, Katy Texas
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    Deja Vu all over again
  • BuxrusBuxrus Posts: 86 Baller
    Thank you for your comments and responses. As I suspected no legitimate “ski” reasons. If what @unksskis says in his post is true then it’s more government mandate stuff.
    Again thanks for the insight. I will table my question.
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    Need @MS to chime in...and @bigtex2011
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    @Jody_Seal I would definitely think a poll is appropriate for this matter. I am NOT the person to do that but i will participate.
    My expectation is that it will not make a difference.
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    What @Broussard said. I've more than had my fill of this.
    Carl Addington, Cedar Ridge, MS
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    Really? how about no one allowed to comment here without re-reading all 59 pages (59!!!) of the previous thread? ha

    Rui Afonso
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    Ok one more time….I did a search to see if this topic had been discussed. Keywords: safe sport, USA water ski, AWSA safe sport. NOTHING came up. The Nate smith stuff came up but my question was regarding membership to USA waterski.
    Sorry to ask a question regarding skiing participation. I got my answer. Enough said.
    I would opine that other discussions have been started that are much lamer than this one.
  • BKistlerBKistler Posts: 90 Baller
    Safe Sport is part of the baggage when a sport governing body is in any way associated with the USOC. One more pain in the ass.
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    @Buxrus don't take offense. You just happened to ask about a topic that was very contentious, and I think for many, is still a sore subject. Your initial post was on point. The actual reasons why it's required are lame.
    Carl Addington, Cedar Ridge, MS
  • BuxrusBuxrus Posts: 86 Baller
    Thank you @ski6jones . I appreciate your insight and your explanation.
  • LarsLars Posts: 244 Solid Baller
    @scuppers yes I believe so since the insurance is through them. @Kelvin correct, don't need safe sport just to ski with the club, only if competing.
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    Staying home.
    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    I might start competing again with all the drop outs do to SafeSport. Less competition for me 👍.
    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
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