HO Carbon Omni Wide???

208maverick208maverick Posts: 16 New Baller
Anybody out there skiing on one of these? Pondering a move from an 8 year old Connelly Carbon V in hopes of reducing drag [primarily on deepwater starts but also once up]. A new hip on the same side as my front foot is making deepwater starts a real hit and miss effort for my old V as well as my brother's new Senate Alloy [both in 69" length]. I was going to tough it out this season on my V while my hip continues to strengthen, but started thinking an upgrade to newer tech probably wouldn't hurt so if the Omni Wide is likely to offer a noticeable improvement in drag while upgrading tech features and performance I'll probably pull the trigger. [I've yet to talk with anyone that's actually skied one of these things.]


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    It's a great ski. Demo one at the least. My buddy has a 69 and it rebooted his once dead skiing and now skis better than ever.
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    I can't speak from experience on the Omni Wide, but I can speak from experience on the Omni. It is really an amazing ski. It's such an effortless ski to ski. It just pops out of the water. So little drag on your body. Easy to get width. Turns without thinking. Fast. So easy on your body to ski because of how little drag it has. I think it is one of the best skis out there now. I think its a game changer. I have a Syndicate Omni that I let people use who go skiing with me and don't have their own ski. I can't tell you how many times somebody, after skiing on my Omni, have immediately purchased one for themselves.

    Starting this year, HO isn't making the Syndicate Omni anymore. But an HO dealer here in Utah, Taylor's Boats, still have a few in stock that they are selling for I believe $750. And they will ship it.
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    @savaiusini is there an omni wide?

    I see when you Google it some companies listing that online but I am not aware of this as a different ski model, is this just retailers listing an omni as a wide ski?
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    @BraceMaker they do the Omni as well as the Carbon Omni, is a 67 and 69 Wide.
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    Interesting - didn't see any news about that launch.

    Fun in that there was the coefficient X, Co-X, CDX, CX, TX, Superlite versions of both, then the Omni is supposedly a blend of the CX and TX with the new tail, and then they Discontinued the narrower CX and the wider TX.

    So how does a Omni and the Wide Omni compare to the CX and TX, wider and wider?
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    "For 2022 it’s also offered in a Wide Edition, providing additional lift for easier getups and stable turns."
    From here: https://www.perfski.com/ski/slaloms/slalom-skis/ho-2022-carbon-omni.html
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    So, here's what I've learned to date. The omni wide is about 3/8 of an inch wider than the standard omni at it's widest point. (It's also about an 1/8 " wider than Connelly's V and 1/4" wider than the Senate.) The omni "wide" is also the widest of the three at the tail by the same amounts.

    A carbon omni wide is gonna show up on my doorstep next week so will figure things out on the water next weekend.
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    @208maverick - that Omni wide is wider than my old 69" TX and my 69" Radar Theory - should be the ticket.
  • Frank_MAFrank_MA Posts: 34 Baller
    As I understand and compare the Ski specs and the images on the HO Website, the Omni Wide is nothing else or quite similar than the renamed last 2020/2021 Freeride version.
  • MitchellMMitchellM Posts: 156 Solid Baller
    1/8" wider than your Carbon V may not make much difference. If you want to upgrade to a new ski you should go for an omni wide, but be prepared that your results may be the same. I bought a Carbon V because it has a reputation as fairly easy up.
  • 208maverick208maverick Posts: 16 New Baller
    @MitchellM -- yeah, I'm expecting a subtle difference in the deepwater starts instead of something dramatic. (And it's the "wide" model that I've got coming and is the one marginally wider than the V in the forebody.) I think this ski is actually 1/4" wider in the tail than the V, which is probably what I'll feel on the starts more than anything. (That and the crash tonnage reduction program I'm on -- dropped 12# in July to make August more enjoyable to ski, and am targeting another 8.)

    Gonna find out I guess. But not today apparently. Checked Fed Ex tracking this am to see where the ski was in it's 300 mile journey from Wiley's to here, expecting delivery this afternoon. Apparently Fed Ex is sending the ski on an all expense paid trip to California, because it's currently in Oakland. Kind of a deflating start to my day. Lol.
  • MitchellMMitchellM Posts: 156 Solid Baller
    @208maverick Keep us posted with your impressions.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 521 Baller
    @208maverick so how is the ski? I'm sure it feels different but I always give myself 2 or 3 days before I judge a new ski.
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    Does anyone use the Syndicate Omni in shorter line lengths (relatively speaking) such as 35?
  • 208maverick208maverick Posts: 16 New Baller
    Work blew up this week so just got my hands on the ski today. No water time until next week.
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