What action is required to engage the tip behind-the-ball on your off-side

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All short line skiers engage the tip to complete the turn on their offside. Now that I am back in a slalom course, this is the only thing that isn't coming back to me. I just stay back on the ski because I don't know how to initiate the action to drop the tip behind the ball, so I end up with an arcing turn. I guess I have become too risk averse to just wing it.

Can getting from Frame 1 to Frame 2 be put into words ? This was ball 3 at 32off 34mph before I forgot how to do it.
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    Why not evolve with modern coaching?


    Then use the givego application?

    Post some video of you in the course?

    What octane are you running in your boat?
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    I see what I consider to be two unfortunate results of a flawed "preturn" (do we even use that term anymore?):

    1) In the first frame you're near or right at the apex of the turn, and your left hand is kinda half to the inside and half forward, which leads to the second frame where the handle is almost back to your right hand and the turn is nowhere near completed. The result is gonna be no finish, no angle, and a slack hit.

    2) Your left hip is back a bit, but more importantly it's not even slightly engaged in the turning process. You want to turn the ski with your inside hip, not your shoulders.

    All of what you're experiencing here is a direct result of not carrying enough potential energy ("load") up to the release of your right hand to allow the ski to cast outward into a wide apex.

    The fix starts back at the first wake, which we can't see here. Mr. Coke is right; you need to make use of video, and maybe video coaching (givego).
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    @scoke - dead. I am dead. Chapeau.
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    @RGilmore Thanks for the critique. As bad as it may look I would give anything to get back to that performance level as re-starting point. I never missed 35off @34 in a tournament unless conditions were bad, I never skied with slack until 38off which I never mastered. And, actually I finished that turn with great angle. I know my path to ball is wrong by today's standards.

    My grip is "backwards" in that photo and I have changed that. I will go for some coaching asap.
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    In image 1 you are on the back of the ski and you are prematurely leaned to the inside. This is is largely because of the old ski. This what you had to do back in the day.

    In image 2 you are pulling the handle across your body and the ski is not rotating. This is also the result of 30 year old gear.

    I would suggest that you keep you shoulders level and keep your feet more under your hips ( front to back and side to side)

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    @pgmoore Ill bite. What’s your reference?
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    @twhisper Thank you for thorough reply.
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