HO syndicate pro sertings

leftylefty Posts: 42 Baller
Hi all-bought a new 67” HO pro, use Vapour boot and rtp, [email protected] skier, anyone running numbers other than stock? Did a search of the forum but didn’t find anything. Thx


  • marknmarkn Posts: 546 Mega Baller
    Rode a Pro 2 years ago and not certain if the ski has changed, but the settings I used on my 67 were: Boot: 291/2 Length: 6.835 Depth: 2.475 and DFT: .76 with wing at 7 degrees.
    38 off skier at 34 mph. Good luck.
  • DeanoskiDeanoski Posts: 1,162 Crazy Baller
    2.485 6.855 .74 Fb29.3/8
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