Noise from inside Bell Housing | EFI MCX Indmar engine with powerslot transmission

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2004 Master Craft 197 with EFI MCX Indmar engine

A new sound like a slipping fan belt recently.
Sound was found to be coming from the Bell Housing interior using a stethoscope. There is an opening where you see into Bell Housing.

Only happens at 1000 rpm +/-

The sound is quite loud even with motor cover down.

In the video other mechanical noise has suppressed the recording level of the whining noise which is loud to the ear.

Anyone had specific experience with this, or otherwise any insight ? Thanks
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    @Mastercrafter you're the go-to guy on boat drive trains. Transmission bearing or something else in your opinion? Thanks.

    Re post below . . I have replaced damper plates before because of broken springs. They Didn't cause a "lose fan belt" rubber squealing noise noise like I have now.

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    That sounds like the transmission pump squealing to me. Pretty hard for seals or a bearing to make that kind of noise that loud. I suspect it's time for a transmission rebuild.
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    I disconnected the drive coupler from the back of the transmission. The squealing sound is gone at any rmp. That probably suggests its not the pump in the transmission because changing torque load on the transmission probably wouldn't affect its oil pump.

    Next I am going to check and align the engine as or if needed.

    I got estimates from two dealers to replace the adaptor plate. Both estimated 6-8 hours at 160 or 180 per hour depending on the dealer. I have a new replacement plate with elastomer springs that I never installed. I guess I will find out if that quiets down the ZF crashbox when maneuvering slow around the dock.

    Why does my friends 196 Nautique shift like BMW ?
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    @swbca stupid question but you aren't by chance running this thing in gear on a trailer...

    This job at home in the boat should only be about 3 hours...
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    @BraceMaker I was running it tied to my dock with the shaft linkage disconnected. Re doing it myself I can't find a tree to hang it from. Do common engine Cherry Pickers work with a boat on a trailer. The Cherry picker wheels look like they would be where the trailer wheels are. (and I don't have a garage to hang it in either)

    It took me three hours with my 1975 Ski Nautique but the ProStar is all wrapped up in tubes and cables. Buy mostly I need something to hang the Transmission from. It too heavy for me to lift it around without a winch.
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    I used a swing set to do some work on my 196. Could
    build a wood frame to get the work done. Many examples on you tube.
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    Our local tool rental has a simular A frame made of aluminium that bolts together and rolls on all terrain tires. Works well.
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    Cherry Picker, aka ‘high dollar’ super common Harbor Freight version- yes they work. How - remove trailer wheel, drop trailer a bit lower, move chain out to end & hook up high. Presto, complete engine & trans out in ~1-2 hours from start. FYI - your lifting slightly under 900 lbs.
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    @DW @S1Pitts so that sounds like the way to go. I can rent one for less than the price of lumber to build a temporary support.
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    or you can wedge a bottle jack between the exhaust and the floor to tilt the engine enough to pull the transmission and get access to drive plate.
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