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Site News and Stuff - Features of the new forum that no one is using yet.

HortonHorton Posts: 29,424 Administrator
edited April 2011 in News & Other Stuff
There are some things about the notifications (the little red flags in the blue bar) that really suck. On the other hand there are some cool stuff to.

If you will click on the star to the right of any discussion it will be bookmarked. Any time a bookmarked thread has a new comment you will get a notification. If you set up your account right, you can get an email.... I will make a video showing how to do this... someday... Maybe I can get @MattP to do it...

If you want to address someone in a thread you can use the @ plus their name. So if you want to make sure I see a post put "@Horton" somewhere in your text. If you are making fun of MS put @MS in your text. The problem is MS is not smart enough to understand.

Inside any thread you should see the text "Flag" at the top of each post. If you think there is something objectionable that someone else wrote click "flag". I will get a message. I guess flags are not only for bad content, any time you want me to see what someone else wrote click the flag I will it.

When I get the time I will continue to try to fix stuff that sucks. Unfortunately I'm burning the candle at both ends lately so the little things are getting pushed back.

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