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I need some advice on boat lifts. I purchased a lake cabin in December and with the weather finally warming up here in Kentucky it is time to actually start using it. I want to replace an old (very old) boat lift currently on my dock with a new one. I need one that is installed in the ceiling and lifts the boat with cables, not one that floats or raises the boat from beneath. I have been looking online at various websites and wanted to see if any of you could steer me in the right direction. I have looked at,, and Any experience with any lifts from those companies? Any others you would recommend? I have a 1998 SNOB (it’s my baby; still showroom new!).


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    Great people and a great product. I also think they are a good value.

    I have the Kit HSK 4500 model. With the pole (you supply) off to one side so the grease doesn't drip on my boat.
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    why not lift a cradle ? your boat would be happier
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    Sherwood: I will take a look at; I missed that one Thanks.

    Richard: The cradle in your picture is similar to what I am looking for, plus I need the entire system: motor, cables, pulleys, and the cradle. Is that your cradle? That is nice. Are your bunks wooden and are they covered with carpet or coated with something?
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    This seems like a good discussion to ask a question I have been trying to find out for quit some time. Why do Ski Nautique owners put expensive cradles under their boats when using the overhead hoist option? I have been told Nautiques were designed to be lifted and stored using the lifting rings. Can anyone shed some light on this? I understand, Correct Craft is the only boat manufacture that designs the lifting rings for this purpose. The other manufactures suggest only using the lifting rings to hoist the boat temporarily because they do not engineer and integrate them into the hull to insure the boat can be stored in this manner indefinitely. Thanks in advance.
    JC McCavit
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    For me it was a matter of convenience. Drive on/Drive off. No need to mess with cables hanging down behind the boat when your ready to back out of the slip. No need to connect/disconnect cables. Less risk of getting a loose cable in the windshield or somewhere else it shouldn't be.
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    JC: Even though the lake I am on is small for a public lake (around 400 acres), my dock is on the main lake and is exposed to the wind. So with a strong wind, I am guessing the boat would swing quite a bit if held up only by the lift rings. A cradle seems more secure, plus convenient as ski6jones stated.
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    It sounds like convenience is the most determining on drive off. I know boats swing in the cradle in strong winds too. I wouldn't think there would be much difference in the wind using lifting rings or the cradle. It might be necessary to secure either during heavy winds. What I was most interested to know is, is it acceptable to use the lifting rings for long term storage on all years of Ski Nautiques? I am not sure what a good cradle cost, but they look expensive. One could always be added later, since it uses much of the same equipment.
    JC McCavit
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    I wouldn't use lifting rings for any thing more a momentary taking a boat off of a trailer and putting it on blocks.

    Anything longer than that and I would want a cradle to support the hull properly.
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    We had our MC on a hoist that looked very similar to the Boat Hoist USA. Ours had the drive motor on one side as Sherwood said. It worked great. Our neighbor had a Malibu hanging from the lifting rings for years and I never saw any damage.
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    I bought mine here (

    It's more or less what was shown in an earlier photo. Installed myself, all the hardware was less than $1500.

    The kit was about $1250 as I recall, plus a couple 2x10's for the bunks and some indoor/outdoor carpet.

    Best money I ever spent.
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    Jordan, is your concern structural integrity of the hull or is there something else? I have never heard of a Ski Nautique hull being compromised using the lifting rings for storage. Like I said previously, the other manufactures do not engineer their boats to be stored this way, but from what I have read in the Correct Craft manual and heard on other forums is that Correct Craft engineers and integrates their lifting rings into the hull design so the boat can be lifted and stored from the lifting rings.
    JC McCavit
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    Know a guy that hung his 92 MC via rings no prob. Also know someone with a 08 196 hung by rings. Both setups required very heavy metal weights at the end of the cable as well as big metal hooks. Had to deal with the possibility of them hitting the boat. Was kind of a pain. Always wondering if the weight would slip out of your hand or off it's out of the way perch. Never saw either one swing in a wind. A bit heavy for that. But if u get in a 196 while hung, it does lean in the direction of weight. Startling at first. MC had 1 ring up front and 2 in back. Very stable.

    Mines on a cradle.

    Also saw the result of an improper lift of a Gekko. Cracked hull top to bottom next to the back seat. Was being air lifted by a huge tow truck. Owner was just pulling in and saw it happen. Saw it and heard it.
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    A couple of things....

    While a CC is a fine boat, and may well be engineered to be lifted by the eyes, you are indeed putting a lot of stress on the hull lifting it in that way. More than a few boats have warped (not saying CC) by sitting askew on the wrong trailer.

    Also, if you are anything like me, when the boat gets put away, a lot of equipment also gets stored in the boom, various skis, life jackets, tools etc.. It can add up to a lot of weight.

    Just sayin', a cradle supporting the boat from underneath with properly set up bunks has to be a better solution.

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    Thanks everyone for the discussion on lifting rings, it was very helpful. I don't want to hijack the original intent of the post, which is locating the best deal for boat lifts. If I have further questions I will start a separate post under the title lifting rings.
    JC McCavit
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    If you have the right shore line, you cant go wrong with the roll a rail. Change oil and work on the boat while its on th lift.
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    I bought my overhead lift from Lunmar. I had a 94 Mastercraft PS190 on it previously, now a 2008 SN196. The version I have has the coiling pipe mounted on the side. This prevents grease from dropping on the boat or boat cover if you should over grease. It also makes it easier to maintain and work on the unit. I have a lift on another lake that is center mounted and I much prefer the side mount. Using cradles on both lifts.
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    I would always use the type of lift that is the most like the trailer. I would get a cradle system, instead of one where the boat hangs from its lifting rings. You want your bunks to be right under the stringers just like when it is on the trailer. We have an old Shorestation vertical bottom standing lift. We only have the 3 point cradle. Never had any problems. If you ever end up getting a regular free standing lift, do with a cantilever style. Easier to maintain and repair, and works better in shallow water.
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    The least stressful method of storage for the hull is to leave it in the water. just sayin'
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  • FischersYearRoundFischersYearRound Posts: 20 New Baller gets my business. Side pipe mount for grease, maintenance, and additional clearance reasons. Like GAJ0004 said, ..'type of lift that is the most like the trailer.' Also if you hang by the lift rings, wouldn't there be a lot of pressure in the middle of the hull? Whereas a cradle system spreads the boat weight load more evenly across the hull.
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    I found this great website to help you compare products and brands:

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    Only one place
    They have everything you need
    The cool thing about the cradle is it gives you some place to stand while wiping the boat down
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    I have a doozie. The cost is very low. Seems like it was about $1600 shipped. All I had to do was buy some treated 2x12"s. The "cradle" looks very meager, but I have not had an issue in a year of use. Nice people to talk to on the phone as well.

    This is an overhead cable lift. I planned on a hydraulic lift when building the dock, but changed my mind after seeing the price.
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    Looks like a spammer resurrected a thread from 2011 ;)
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    I assure you I am not a spammer resurrecting old threads. One of my ski buds is hell bent on buying a boat lift and doing some research I found this thread.
    He has a 1998 BB Ski Nautique similar to the guy who started this thread and is stuck between either a Shoremaster or Floe Intl. BTW Here in Canada both exceed the value of the boat by at least double.
    Both are close in price and looks like both are good companies so it's kind of a coin toss.
    Do you guys agree? Pros-Cons either way?
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    I had a shoremaster for over 20 years never had a issue. Sold it and purchased roll and rail system to pull boat completely out of water. Never heard of Floe Intl
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    Link to Floe lifts
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    Boat Lift Distributors - Texas Co. Great products . Never heard of Floe. If you go with a cradle lift , get the V design cradles that are made for comp boats to clear the fins
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    I’ve always seen very good reviews of floe. I think they have a EZ leveling feature if some sort?
    Shoremaster looks like many of the others out there.
    Important things: Canopy, and access to side of boat vs big crossbar in your way. Get vertical guides vs the side bunks of you want to be able to wipe boat down after use.
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    @PJ - the worst thing for a fiberglass hull is to be left in the water. If it’s not in use get it out of the water.
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