FS: 67.25" Goode 9900

scokescoke Posts: 769 Crazy Baller
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For sale: 2009 Goode 9900 67.25" Regular. Turns great, very fast and stable. Obviously for a taller/larger skier.

Great condition but it's just collecting dust.

I can email pics if needed. $500 shipped to you. Great deal as the new ones are $1400 after shipping.

email me for more info if you would like.

dcoke76 at yahoo . com


  • skidawgskidawg Posts: 3,513 Mega Baller
    I'll trade you 4 fried chickens and a coke. Need something to make a skate board out of!!!
    NWA....Heaven on earth!
  • Old MS AccoutOld MS Accout Posts: 2,114 Baller
    Dawg, you need a bench for the dock also.
  • skidawgskidawg Posts: 3,513 Mega Baller
    good point MS, I need four of scokes old Black n Orange to make a bench for my dock. Coke, gimmie a ring.
    NWA....Heaven on earth!
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