Fiberglass repair in Houston

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Does anyone know a good place to get the bottom of my boat repaired in Houston? We had an unfortunate accident when loading the boat this past weekend. One of the boards on our trailer actually came completely off and put a pretty nasty scrape on my boat...



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    Call Charles at dockside marine on Lake Conroe. 832.928.7736.
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    Send it out to Eric and have him plaster it up.
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    I have used Northwest fiberglass in Tomball. They did a good job for me only problem was getting on the schedule. The malibu dealer outsources their glass work to them (or they did a few years ago). Dockside may have someone inhouse or a refereal for you as well.
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    If you're willing make the drive, Ted Brown in Dallas will make that completely disappear. He is a magician!
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    If you are on the south side of town try

    Gulf Coast Composite
    2301 Anders Lane
    Kemah, TX 77565-3146
    (281) 334-4417
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