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Prophecy vs. RS-1

kykn12kykn12 Posts: 4
edited April 2011 in Skis Fins Bindings
I'm currently riding on a 66" 2010 Prophecy, but am looking to get a 65" ski since I think mine is slightly too large for me. Since I do like the Prophecy, I was intending to just get one of those. However, I just found a 2009 RS-1 that I can get for about $150 less. I have RS-1 bindings that I'll be putting on whichever ski I get.

I just free ski primarily (34-36mph), but would like to spend more time working on the course. Needless to say, I will not be pushing any ski to its limits! Does anyone have opinions on what might be the pros and cons of sticking with the Prophecy or going with the RS-1? Or, are there other skis you think woud be better? Thanks-


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