Moomba Masters 2011 Slalom

Bud ManBud Man Posts: 254
edited April 2011 in News & Other Stuff
I just watched the slalom part of the Moomba Masters on the front page. I really enjoyed watching it. It looked to me like they were going so fast through the course. Did it look like that to anyone else? If so, then why?

That was wild looking when Will just did get through the exit gate.

I was excited to see men’s first place went to my ski, the Strada. I know I sure like mine.


  • HortonHorton Posts: 31,482 Administrator
    The current can be a bummer. Fast one way and strange the other way.

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  • auskierauskier Posts: 462 Baller
    overall, conditions were pretty good this year. every jump round had awesome conditions and as good as the yarra gets. obviously good enough for freddy to go 70+ anyway.
  • auskierauskier Posts: 462 Baller
    this photo was during mens prelim. it can get a LOT stronger than this.
  • Bud ManBud Man Posts: 254
    Thanks for posting that picture auskier. That looks like some wicked current.
  • Nick SullivanNick Sullivan Posts: 676 Baller
    Just curious, the old speedo pickups on the back of the boat used to give you the speed of the boat on the water surface. For river skiing, this seems like something that should be incorporated into Zero Off. Or am I missing something here?
  • Bud ManBud Man Posts: 254
    Those pickups can't be relied on to do anything but pick up trash and not work. That is why PP went to paddle wheels a long time ago. IMO
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