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ski for beginner

6balls6balls Posts: 5,214 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
edited April 2011 in Skis Fins Bindings
Have a friend looking to ski more this season and bought a Moomba. Can get up on one but has been using one of the pair of combos skiing w/others...I wouldn't allow such a thing! In any event, he is a good 6 foot 2 and prob 215 lbs, and never going to be a buoy chaser. I know zippo about beginner skis. Another guy he knows who skis a lot was recommending a long ski, but my guess is one of the shaped higher volume skis may be better suited. Anyone know anything about skis for beginners?
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  • davemacdavemac Posts: 450 Baller
    Since he bought a ski boat, presumably he is looking to improve his skiing. Radar Theory (great for 30 or 32mph) or Senate (a bit more advanced and great 34mph choice) ...a little extra width, and would give him room to grow.
  • konakona Posts: 529 Baller
    I got a 69 senate for cheap $75 for the blank from 2008 line up. Good starter ski. The theory would good also.
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