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Sans Rival SR2

treyskiertreyskier Posts: 11 Baller
edited April 2011 in Skis Fins Bindings
What are thoughts on the Sans Rival SR2?


  • HortonHorton Posts: 28,959 Administrator
    edited April 2011

    I sent a message to one of the the SR Team skiers. Just need to get him to post.

    I can tell you the owner of SR is funny as heck but that does not help you.
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  • treyskiertreyskier Posts: 11 Baller
    I really appreciate your help. I can tell you the ski is really fast and turns well, but there are some slight tweaks that can be made to customize to my style. Thanks again.
  • tygertyger Posts: 1
    Hey treyskier, I ski on the SR2, what do you want to know? The fin set up is different from the 66.5 to the 68. I'm on the 68. My fin settings are as follows: length=6.820 flat, depth=2.470, distance to tail=.790. Is the ski doing anything in particular that you don't want it to do, or want to do better?
  • treyskiertreyskier Posts: 11 Baller
    I'm on the 66.5. The guys I am skiing with say that I need more ski in the water. The water is breaking just behind my front foot. I am coming off of a wide ride, and I had my bindings further back. I have my bindings set at factory specs. I just don't feel like I in the "sweet spot" of the ski. Any suggestions?
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