2011 Eagle Sports Slalom Challenge

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The rules are roughly the same as last year’s EZ Fin Tool Challenge. Below are PRELIMARY details.

USAWS scores are handicap against 2010 skier average. I will find last year’s exact rules and make edits. I know there are those of you who want to be involved but do not ski USAWS events. I simply do not have a good way to handle that.

May is preseason. I will set up the signup page in the next day or so. (Yes I am late – I do not want to hear about it) For May the cost is $00.10 (10 cents) per entry. The winner will get a t-shirt or a bowl of soup. Once I get it set up, please please enter so I can find any bugs before June.
For June, July & August the Entry fee will be $5.00 and the monthly winner will win an Eagle slalom vest.

September will have a cash prize in addition to the Eagle vest. Last year Bailey Austin took home $200. This year should be bigger. Details pending. If you want to compete in September you will need to have competed in the other rounds.

Entrants must enter themselves and must be the name of the Credit Card used for payment. In other words Zap! cannot pay the fee and enter his rat dog. This will weed out most non-Ballers. (if your 13 year old daughter has a credit card and wants to enter, I will not stop her but this is designed for readers the of site)

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