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Anyone got any tips for removing a stuck impeller? It seems frozen on the shaft, and I tried penetrating oil, prying with 2 screwdrivers, needlnose pliers, all to no avail. It usually comes off pretty easy, but this time it sat all winter and is on there pretty good. '01 Malibu. All tips appreciated!


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    I have a '01 Malibu and always have problems. This year I used two paint can lid removers and it went a little easier. I never tried Brent's suggestion but that sounds really easy.
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    You might also try two needle nose style vise grips, that will allow you to pull with both hands and not have to squeeze at the same time. To free the impeller from the shaft you might want to tap the impeller attempting to knock it a bit in the opposite direction of rotation. Do you have the crank nose mounted pump or the remote pump?
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    Have you tried using an impeller puller?
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    All good ideas. I'll try them all today and hopefully one works. DW- the pump is on the crank nose. The pylon is +/- 6" directly in front so it is kind of in the way. Matt- I didn't know about impeller pullers. Where can you find one.
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    When you put the new one on put some never sieze on the shaft. It makes the next change out alot easier. Works well on the prop shaft too.
    Hugh Nichols
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    As we change one-two impellers a week and dont have a puller their are some tricks to pulling the impeller especially on the Johnson Crank driven pumps. after the cover plate has been removed we spray a little wd-40 onto the old impeller then bump the engine over, 99% of the time then we can reach in with a pair of angled needle nose and the impller slides right out, We do utilize a little anti sieze during instalation on the impeller drive. Remember to back flush your system particulary if the old impeller has lost rubber vains into the cooling system.
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    Marco you con get a puller at
  • MarcoMarco Posts: 1,431 Crazy Baller
    Success! Thanks for everyones help. Tried everything, and the final solution was the penetrating oil, needle nose vice grips, and a rubber mallet. I loaded it up with anti sieze, so next time should be easier.

    The impeller I took out kept its bent shape from being stored over the winter. I'll try to be more diligent in the future about taking it out every winter so it doesn't memorize the shape of the housing.
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