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Just installed PP 3 event on my 1994 prostar 190. First time today trying to calibrate it. We dont have magnets on our course so i was using the open water capture mode. We set the speed we wanted captured and the system beeped and did all the right things. When we tested it , it would engage at the right time, but then surge a few mph quicker and stay there. (We did all this with no skiier on). Am i missing something? The RPM signal is set at standard should i change it to inverted?


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    If you are trying to test it without a skier on you need to make sure you set the skier weigh to "No Skier", otherwise if will throttle in anticipation of the skiers pull.

    Also it will not lock to the exact set speed, but the Pregate speed. So if that's set to say 70, (which means 0.7km/h or .42mph), it will try & settle on 34.2 + 0.4 = 34.6mph until it sees the timer signal at the gates. Pregate setting is in the background settings, but you should make sure you are happy with the baselines before trying to change these settings.

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    www.skiertoskier.com for magnets will make your PP much happier
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    2nd the magnets!

    And you only need 2.

    Muggins ordered a hand timer with my StarGazer cause I didn't realize it came with a Smart Timer. So weeks later I ordered a couple of magnets from skier to slier for a total of $38.00. The hand timer cost $40.00 & now don't need it.

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    With the hand timer you don't need the magnets. As long as something triggers the timer as you go through the entry gate (either the smart timer sensing a magnet, or pushing the button on the hand timer) it doesn't matter. So when running without a skier start the timer at the gate and the speed should settle to correct mph. Magnets make timing your pass automatic and they're well worth the investment but it can be done with a hand timer as well.
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