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D3 Fusion rides 3-6

HortonHorton Posts: 28,331 Administrator
edited July 2011 in Reviews
Generally I approach ski reviews in terms of how I think a ski works. On side or off side turn, speed, attitude, stability and so on. The new D3 Fusion has me confused. I am not exactly sure what to say about the ski yet. All I can say is I am skiing technically better than usual.

I am yet to put down a score I want to brag about but every pass leading up to the pass I can not run is crazy smooth. My first ride yesterday I went off the dock at 32 and then ran five 35s. In terms of low drama and running early to every ball I do not know if I could ski better. I crushed the first four 35s and then just ran the last one lazy.

I did not even notice until someone in the boat pointed it out that I am keeping two hands on the handle extra long. That is something I need to work on but have not been thinking about. I can not explain it but the Fusion makes me ski technically better.

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