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2011 Senate C #'sss

JC1975JC1975 Posts: 3
edited July 2011 in Skis Fins Bindings
I've been lurking on here for a few years now so I thought I would finally pipe up and ask a question.
Recently picked up an 69.5'' 2011 Senate C and really like it. I am about 6' and 210 lbs and running 28 off @34 and occasionally run 32...
I am running stock fin set up but looking for help making some changes for the better, fin, bindings, wing or no wing, anyone with any experience on this beast?
IMO it is lacking carry out off the wake if that helps, I have a hard time initiating edge change, almost lean locked and ski at the ball. I know I have a way to go with technique but any tech advice would be a great start.


  • DustyDusty Posts: 315 Baller
    Probably a lot of skiers with even better advice- but when I can't release the edge- first thing I do is move the bindings back. Sometimes needs a slight adjust to fin length too. You didn't say if it's both directions or only one- they are diffent problems and require different approaches to solve them re: fin adjustments on top of binding moves. Anyone else?
  • davemacdavemac Posts: 451 Baller
    JC, My buddy has a 2011 69" Senate C. His offside was sluggish and was having difficulty completing and getting angle out of turn. Eddie Robert's advice was to try .820 from the tail, 6.865 length measured with tips and 2.50 depth. (The ski originally arrived w/ a dft of .785)
    Eddie's numbers helped him alot.
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