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My Dad and I are looking to buy a new ski boat. However, we're about 25k short of what we need for a SN 200. Anyone have suggestions as to older boats with good wakes/prices?

At the moment, we are looking at a 2001 SN 190. It is pristine-- clean, low hours, and no dings or nicks. It does not have a shower, heater, speed control of any kind, or a bimini top, all things we would need to install our selves. He is asking something around 20k. Is it worth it? Are there better options?

Thanks for your help!


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    Can't go wrong with any 196 all the way back to 1997 (best yr IMHO .. especially longer line lengths)
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    compare prices on
    68" Vapor
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    How many hours on the 2001?
    Give it a good once over and test drive if you can. look at the bilge area for signs of oil.
    If it looks good and stands up to a test, it is an awesome boat. Price compare on SIA
  • The hours are very, very low -- either 64 or 164 (the gauges are broken... Something we'd have to fix.) Besides the gauges though, the boat is like new, I've seen it. However, there are 196s on SIA for 17 with speed control, bimini, etc... They just have more hours.
  • It is a 196, by the way, just realized that mistake in the original post.
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    Does your family or friends do more than slalom? I know on this site "wake boarding" is a dirty word. But if your looking for a great cross over ski boat the Mastercraft X7 is a great boat. There are about 5-6 X7's at the private waterski lakes in Arvin, California and everyone loves them. Great ski wake (same as 197 tournament hull) and decent wake boarding. You won't get Zero Off in your price range, but Perfect Pass, binimi etc... will be included.
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    Forgot to mention X7 comes with tower and open bow, better for resale value of boat. Closed bow boats are harder to sell, pretty much limited to private lake users. Tower adds the weight of one passenger, so I only
    slalom with driver and passenger, or driver and 150lbs of ballast on passenger side, since at private sites don't need observer.
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    That seems like a lot for a boat that old. Especially considering you'll need to add your own speed control and other goodies (but at least speed control which is pricey). A Malibu Response LX or Closed Bow from the same era as that 196 would be another very nice boat to look for.
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    Agree too much dough, but great boat. I bought a 2000 SN 196 w/84 hours, PP classic, heater, stereo in the fall of '09 for $17K even.
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    Definitely test drive the bugger and ski behind it. Spend the money on a pre-buy inspection. Most marinas will be much better at finding problems than you.

    JP :)
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    A little too much money IMHO
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    Depending where you are, I'm in Nor Cal. I am selling my 2001 Nautique w/heater,shower, PP Star Gazer and towing cover. Has the GT-40 motor. I'm asking $18k OBO, which a couple of local dealers have told me is a fair price for the boat. It is in great shape. Just looking at getting rid of it now, so I can get a 200. Boat has only been used on Private lakes.

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    the digital gauges on that era Nautique will give you fits, and there is no guarantee the hours are that low if the gauges are fried. A boat that is well taken care of can have hundreds of hours and still look like new.

    do a search on for costs and process on the gauges, it could be a bigger problem then you are aware of. Still great boats, but if its going to cost you $1000+ for the gauges, you need to get a better deal. 20k is too much regardless. 16-18 tops, its a buyers market!
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    Agree that it is priced too high, especially considering the lack of (IMO necessary) options and the necessity of replacing the gauges.

    Look this over before you look at it. Some guys and I put it together on the MC forum years ago. It is generic to most ski boats and was extremely helpful when I was looking at my 98 SN several years ago.
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