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ZO Quirk

thagerthager Posts: 4,889 Mega Baller
edited August 2011 in Skis Fins Bindings
For the second time in a month my ZO has gone goofy. Shows no GPS and then locks into a screen I don't recognize and can't get out of. My driver ran me through the course about 40 mph. Fun! Fix is to disconnect and reconnect battery. Then it works fine. Only thing I can figure is the unit gets too hot under the boat cover in the sun. Anyone else?
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  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,365 Crazy Baller
    Describe the unrecognized screen. Quite often my ZO displays "No GPS" for awhile at initial startup. Just have to wait a bit.
    Leon Leonard Stillwater Lake KY - SR Driver SR Judge
  • MCskiFreakMCskiFreak Posts: 327 Baller
    That sounds like a voltage problem to the unit, not getting hot in the sun. Check all of your cables for good clean connections. What condition is the battery in?
    Matt Welton - Resident boat nerd
  • thagerthager Posts: 4,889 Mega Baller
    LeonL The screen it jumped to was showing jumplike speeds I think. You could select 32. something and 35. something. I have seen the "No GPS" occasionally on startup. Was not like that. Was like a partial jump screen.

    McSkiFreak you could be right. I now remember having to enter the start code a second time because power switched off. Entered code second time and started engine. This is the second season on the battery. I store it in the house over winter. I will check connections and test it tomorrow.
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  • thagerthager Posts: 4,889 Mega Baller
    FYI. After I cleared the problem I went and tested it by running it through the course. Course is an accusink cable course. Has been tightened up a few times. Going East it timed and ran perfectly. Going West it started 5 feet early and stayed early. Good idea to clear the other maps for the same course. Once # 2 and #3 were cleared out all checked good. Started and stopped in the right places going both ways. Duh!! No wonder it was so dam hard to ski going West.
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  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,975 Infinite Pandas
    My ZO moves the course around by a couple of meters (within the accuracy of GPS - especially with a solar flare out there). As long as the beep happens consistently early or consistently late on all the buoys it should be OK. To me it feels like the accelerometers and GPS inputs are targeting the speed independent of the course. Is that correct? At least the times will be 16.95 no matter what!

    No gremlins in my or Stan's ZO so I can't help you. Stan's 08 MC Stargazer failed (who cares with the ZO still there) - maybe the battery thing is relevant.

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