trailing arm pressure

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This is kind of what I have been talking about all winter. Not exactly what I was thinking but these guys know more then me!
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If the link does not work right. You will have to paste into your address bar. (Don't steal thier content and post it here. They wrote it - it is thiers.)

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  • slalomdudeslalomdude Posts: 154
    I think trailing arm pressure is a better term than back arm, as there seems to be two trains of thought on what is the back arm.
  • auskierauskier Posts: 450 Baller
    totally agree. ive had coaches tell me 'more pressure on the back arm'. some mean left, some mean right... leading arm pressure has never sat well with me in theory. no idea why you would want to do it these days. waaay to old school for my liking.

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