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94 Hydrodyne Grand Sport?

lundberglundberg Posts: 106 Baller
edited October 2011 in News & Other Stuff
Does anyone have opinions and/or experience with this boat?


  • WishWish Posts: 8,100 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    If it has the PCM GT40 your golden as to the motor. Bullet proof. But year may be to early for GT40. Info taken from from Waterski mag Boat review from 1994 with some quotes.

    Construction is sound but it does have wood stringers so be mindful of pylon and motor mounts. However, motor is mounted on a T6 aluminum box. This box is through bolted to the stringers. No mentions of composite or wood floor.

    Seat configuration in bow IMHO makes the most sense of any layout including today. Widest back seat as well. High marks for comfort and layout. Topped most others in closed and open bow class

    Skiability: medium to deep short line, 28 and beyond, on par with best closed bows. Bump at 15 off less at 22 off. ""Tacking beats many of the all-out tournament boats"" (1994 ones) ""absence of spray"" at short line. Trick skiing.. ""excels at trick and holds speeds up into the 20s""

    I attempted to get my buddy interested in a 96 for the reasons above. I think it is as good as it gets for an open bow of that age and several years newer. All other open bows did not even come close accept 1...Ski Nautique open bow (not Sport version) but that boat is cramped in terms of space.

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  • thagerthager Posts: 4,985 Mega Baller
    I had a 93 Comp closed bow which I think is the same hull. Beautiful no spray slalom wake and freight train tracking. I had the 285 HP Indmar engine with carb. No issues what so ever with the boat and slalom was great with Perfect Pass installed. Built like a tank. My wife still wishes we had the Hydrodyne. Presently have a 2002 196. Trickers and wakeboarders loved the Dynes slow speed wake without any ballast.
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  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,264 Mega Baller
    I skied behind 3 of them. My buddy having a 94 or 95 with GT40. Very nice boats. All the compliments above I would agree with. The only caution I would give is that there were 3 or 4 molds for the hull. One mold in particular had a much harder wake than the other ones that I skied behind. The wake was small, but just had a hardness when you went through it. I use to know which mold it was, as they were A, B, C, etc.. I would definetley ski behind it and see if it is a round soft feel or hard. As far as everything else goes, they were great. Tracked and drove a lot better than some of the other big name boats of that era.
  • kylecareykylecarey Posts: 22 Baller
    I have a 95' closed bow with the gt40. It has been a great boat for me. Build quality is top notch
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