Gonna miss summer!

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    Downhill, hockey, cross country, none of it comes close, until another year, au reviour summer


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    Air temp 68, water temp 68 here in texas right now. Still a few more weeks of skiing before I'm done. I got in 4 sets this weekend and hope to ski at least 2 times this week.
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    It is 51* inside my house right now and the power is out until who knows when. I definitely miss summer.

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  • Gonna be 67 and sunny tomorrow. Water about 60 (warm) and falling. Gonna get a few sets. Loss of daylight savings is worse than the cooling off.
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    Going to be 77 tomorrow water about 67 going to stay that way for a month or so! yes daylight savings hurts here in the pan handle also, just have to come to work at 5am to go ski at 3pm.
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    10-4, Rod where is the picture from, very nice?
    Don't forget Indian Summer - the time when it is perfect to ski but the boat is winterized and put away. . .
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    Is that Chico? Skied yesterday and heading out in a minute for a couple rides. 78 sunny with 64 water. Still really nice.
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    Yes, that's Creekside lake in Chico from Tom's dock. Pingatore's place at the other end.
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