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New mirror from Protomet short review

HortonHorton Posts: 29,982 Administrator
edited January 2012 in Reviews
There has been talk here on the forum for a few weeks about the new mirror from Protomet


This is a waterski forum so how excited can we be about a boat mirror? I took the mirror to the lake today and put it on my friend Charlie's 196. It is "pretty" and well made. The mounting bracket is a marvel of modern CNC work but the question is do we really care? and Is it worth the money to upgrade your mirror?

There were four of us on the dock. The first two people that drove both commented that they found themselves staring in the mirror while they were driving. It was different enough that it was distracting. After a few passes it was not distracting, it was just better.

The short answer to all the questions is yes we were all very impressed. When in the course I personally do not look in the mirror much if at all. But when idling around between passes I like to always know where my skier is. This mirror gives the widest and clearest vision of what is behind me that I've ever seen.

If you spent $40-$60,000 on your boat I would say a few hundred dollars for superior mirror should be an easy choice.

If you don't have a third person to ski with and you watch your ski partner in the mirror, this is the best thing going.

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