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HortonHorton Posts: 29,419 Administrator
edited February 2012 in Reviews
The end of this month I'm going to Costa Rica for a week of skiing. That means I had to start skiing so I would be ready when I got there. The first ride I took this winter was on a ski I had never ridden before. Its original owner ran deep 41 off on it and I have a friend who ran into 39 on it. This ski should be magic. For me in January it was a disaster. I took two or three sets on it and struggled nonstop.

I needed a ski that would forgive me for months off the water, lack of conditioning and stiff cold muscles. I looked across my rack of skis and thought “what ski in this pile is the easiest to ride”? I mounted up my 68 inch SR2 and have not looked back. I'm running 28 and 32's one or two rides every Saturday and Sunday. I don't think I've missed the buoy. I tried one 35 a week ago and ran it first try.

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